Alexsix 32x24 Handheld IR Camera Infrared Thermal, Color Screen Digital Imager Thermodetector Temperature Measurement, Real-Time Thermal Imaging Functions & Temperature Range from -40~300°F

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???Measurement principle?: In the nature, when temperature of the object is higher than absolute zero (-273?), it will radiate electromagnetic wave to surrounding environment constantly due to internal thermal motion, in which infrared ray is included. The optical elements of infrared temperature instrument can convert the infrared energy emitted, reflected and transmitted by the object to temperature reading. ?? ?Overviews?: The industrial thermal camera features portable design and simple operation and is widely used in many fields such as fire fighting, archaeology, traffic, agriculture, geology, energy, smelting, electronic manufacture, etc.The marking of hot/cold spot can help user to locate the hottest/coldest area of thermal imaging temperature. Great for car engine overhaul, transformer room line maintenance, air conditioner repair, etc. ?? ?Particularity?: Combine the functions of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal imaging. Resolution of infrared image/visible image: 1024 pixels/0.3 mega pixels. ?? ?Note?: The instrument measures the infrared ray difference between the object itself and the background and obtains different images. ?? ?Saving setting button?: After the users complete setting of color palette or temperature unit, press the key to make the instrument remember the setting.