Breath Buddy Respirator Mask (Plus Safety Glasses) | Reusable Professional Breathing Protection Against Dust, Particle, Woodworking and Organic Vapors & Fumes | Perfect For Painters and DIY Projects

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Manufacturer Description

If You Work With Wood, Dust, Clay, Paint or Any Kind of Organic Vapors or Fumes (gasoline, paint thinner, solvents and any other petroleum-based products), This Mask Has Your Name On It!

It's comfortable, fits nicely, lightweight, and on top of that separates 94% of airborne particles.

Breath Buddy meets the EN 140 requirements and CE marking, both considered high quality worldwide standards, comparable to NIOSH.

It's suitable for protection from low to average toxicity contaminants in concentrations up to 12 x OEL or 10 x APF (More than enough to keep you 100% safe for any DIY or painting project you undertake)

NOTE: Every package includes a pair of high quality glasses, 1 pair of particulate filters, 1 pair of organic gas/vapor cartridges and 1 pair of cartridge holders. If you're wondering when to change filters or cartridges, the answer is "when it's hard to breath or when you start smelling things", but they usually last up to 40 hours

Look, you may resemble Darth Vader... but you're well protected and and it's all that matters, because this premium half mask will keep the bad out of your lungs.

So, why getting a run-of-the-mill and cheap face mask... When you can get a professional and complete protection against particulates and gases here and now!

Focus on your projects while breathing with ease and peace of mind!

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Product Features

GET EXTREME PROTECTION YET BREATHE WITH EASE: This professional breathing protection set successfully blocks all organic vapors and fumes, pollen, dust and any other particles in the air. Best part? It is surprisingly easy to breathe with very little resistance using this mask. After a few minutes you'll forget you're even wearing it. REUSABLE MASK, A PAIR OF GLASSES, AND POWERFUL FILTERS: This mask can be used over and over again. Also when you buy this product, you get a nice pair of high quality glasses, a pair of organic gas/vapor cartridges, and a pair of particles filters. Talk about a value pack! FITS PERFECTLY, IT'S COMFORTABLE AND STAYS COOL: The straps for the respirator are well-designed, and fit comfortably. It has a cool air valve, so you are not sweating like crazy in it. CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION: You'll always have a clear vision, forget once and for all about foggy glasses and obscured vision no matter if you use our glasses (included in this package) or yours. ZERO ODORS GUARANTEED: This mask will effectively eliminate any hint of organic chemical vapor or fumes while you wear it, or your money back.

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