Outdoor Wireless Infrared Beam Detector for Smanos Home Security Systems - Smanos BM4200

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Manufacturer Description

The Smanos BM4200 Wireless Outdoor Infrared Beam Detectors come in a pair and are high-tech security devices designed to be used with a Smanos home security system, such as the W120 or X330. The device has two parts, an infrared beam transmitter and an infrared beam receiver. Four invisible infrared beams connect the two parts, and the device gets triggered when two or more of the beams are crossed. This prevents smaller objects like cats and dogs from triggering the device, causing a false alarm. When the infrared beam detection device is triggered, a signal gets sent to the control panel or hub of whatever Smanos home security system you are using. The device uses a special radio frequency specifically designed for security systems. This signal will instantaneously set off an alarm and send a notification to your smartphone through the Smanos hub. The infrared beam transmitter and receiver need to be placed within 20 feet of each other, as that is the range of the beams. The device has a weatherproof design, so it can be used outdoors around the perimeter (can be daisy-chained to include multiple pairs) of your home or small business. Install the device on fences, balconies, windows, doorways, near garage doors, or somewhere along the way to your backyard or swimming pool. The device is completely wireless and uses long-lasting batteries. A unique power-saving mode allows these batteries to last for up to three years; when the power is running low, you will get an app notification from your Smanos hub. Smanos home security systems use an app that can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android phone. This app allows you to remotely arm or disarm your security system, adjust settings, and view surveillance footage if you are using a security camera. This enables you to have full access to your security system even when you're not at home. Smanos is your smart portal to home while you roam.

Product Features

COMMUNICATES WITH SMANOS ALARM SYSTEMS - These wireless outdoor infrared beam motion detectors come in a pair and are designed to be used in conjunction with Smanos home security systems such as the W120 and X330. When objects over a certain size pass by the four invisible infrared beams, a signal gets sent to your Smanos alarm system, and you'll get an instantaneous alert on your smartphone. Smanos makes a variety of security accessories. PLACE ON FENCE, BALCONY/PATIO, OR NEAR SWIMMING POOL OR GARAGE DOOR - These Smanos infrared beam detection devices are perfect for outdoor use around the perimeter of your house or business. The infrared beam devices can be placed on balconies, fences, windows, doorways, near garage doors, or somewhere along the way to your backyard or swimming pool. A pair of the Smanos BM4200 infrared beams can be apart by or have a detection range of 20 feet. LONG-LASTING BATTERY - The Smanos infrared beam detection devices are completely wireless, so you won't have to worry about tangled wires or access to electric outlets. The devices are battery powered, and they have a power-saving mode, allowing them to last up to three years. With this long battery life, you won't have to worry about changing batteries frequently; when you do, you will get a low-power app notification from your Smanos hub. KEEP YOUR HOME SAFE WITHOUT FALSE ALARMS - This pair of infrared beam detection sensors uses four infrared beams to minimize false alarms. The device will only send a signal to your alarm system if two or more of the infrared beams are crossed. This way, if smaller objects accidentally pass by the beams, no alarm will be sounded. You won't have to worry about small pets or birds triggering your alarm system. MAXIMUM SAFETY AND SECURITY WITH SMANOS SYSTEMS - Smanos makes a variety of home security systems, making it easy to find a security kit that works for your home, apartment, or small business. We have security systems with home monitoring cameras, door/window and motion sensors, water sensors, signal range extenders (repeaters), etc. We also offer home security systems that work with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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